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A portion of profit from every home sold is donated to TEN4GOOD, a Nonprofit that funds charitable work all over the world.

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Great Home Builders Should Offer The Best Home Designs…

Are your home designs inspiring and original? Do they reflect current market trends. Whether demand soars or dips, underlying problems in efficiency, appeal, and awareness will reveal which builders are bound to lose attention and market share. Can your current portfolio of plans carry your business through the next drought?

You offer a better build experience and your work is higher quality, but you are still losing customers to your competitors’ cheap prices and deceptive marketing. You shouldn’t have to work so hard for every sale. Your product should be making introductions for you. You are the better builder and your designs should say so.

Our home plans reflect the best of current design trends and will make any builder look savvy and innovative. We only offer vetted plans from the best designers so you can always be confident in the quality. When you license one of our plans, you’ll exclusively own your target market and edge out your competition.

”Forever Home Plans brings real insight to the homes they offer. These plans blend current design concepts with the control focus needed for a builder to deliver a great home. We consider Forever Home Plans a key member of our creative team.”
Dean A.
Managing Partner, ADAMO Homes

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The Best Home Designers Should Have The Farthest Reach...

You are a builder or designer with great home designs, but your sales are confined to the extent of your local market. Your designs have wide appeal and could sell well nationally, but managing the license, protecting your copyright, and fulfilling product orders would take time away from your  ongoing design projects.

The growth of your business should not be limited by your zip code. Families should be able to experience the quality of your home designs no matter where they live. Great home designs like yours should be earning you passive income so you can reap the benefits of your hard work. Your reach is wider than you think.

Our portfolio of premium plans is kept small so that every design shares the same level of visibility. You retain the copyright and we manage the license for every sale. Most of our plans have already been built so our buyers trust the quality of the original design and hire out all changes locally. No calls. No mods. Just sales.

”Forever Home Plans has turned the portfolio of designs I’m most proud of into a passive income stream that has completely transformed my life and business. There is no better business partner.”
Jason P.
Owner, JP Design Homes

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A Cause to Get Behind

What kind of legacy will your business leave…

Does your business have a mission that extends beyond the defining qualities of great products or services? Did you ever think your business or brand could be associated with a national movement that is changing lives? Wouldn’t supporting a cause like that require significant financial investment and reduce your margins?

Designing and building great homes is a worthy cause and we believe it pairs perfectly with the work that TEN4GOOD does. TEN4GOOD creates space for Good to grow…just like a home does. Through crowd-funding a constant stream of charitable projects, TEN4GOOD is helping to care for vulnerable people all around the world.

Our company is committed to seeing Good flourish within the homes we sell, so we partnered with an organization that extends that vision across the globe. For every home sold, our company donates a portion from our share of the profit to TEN4GOOD. Join us and become a part of something extraordinary.

”Forever Home Plans understands that a house is not just four walls, but a place where Good can flourish. This is demonstrated in their partnership with TEN4GOOD. Growing Good begins with a home and extends to the world.”
Jennifer P.
Board Chair, TEN4GOOD

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Start your next design project off right!

Download our free customizable design worksheet and wow your customers with the efficiency and clarity of your design process.

Start your next design project off right!

Download our free customizable design worksheet and wow your customers with the efficiency and clarity of your design process.