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The Best Home Designers Should Have The Farthest Reach...

You are a builder or designer with great home designs, but your sales are confined to the extent of your local market. Your designs have wide appeal and could sell well nationally, but managing the license, protecting your copyright, and fulfilling product orders would take time away from your  ongoing design projects.

The growth of your business should not be limited by your zip code. Families should be able to experience the quality of your home designs no matter where they live. Great home designs like yours should be earning you passive income so you can reap the benefits of your hard work. Your reach is wider than you think.

Our portfolio of premium plans is kept small so that every design shares the same level of visibility. You retain the copyright and we manage the license for every sale. Most of our plans have already been built so our buyers trust the quality of the original design and hire out all changes locally. No calls. No mods. Just sales.

”Forever Home Plans has turned the portfolio of designs I’m most proud of into a passive income stream that has completely transformed my life and business. There is no better business partner.”
Jason P.
Owner, JP Design Homes

Let us bring your best plans to a national market!

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Do you have a home design that you think would do well on our platform? Fill out the application form below to get the process started. We are always looking for new and innovative content to add to our portfolio.

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Our selection process is rigorous. We hold our plans to a very high standard and we turn away many more applications than we accept. If your plan is approved, well done! Welcome to the team!

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Once your plan is launched, you will begin receiving monthly sales statements and your commissions will be paid in the month following your sale. You will be promptly notified when a sale is made.

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FAQs for Sellers

Here are some reasons to get you started. Also, we think our connection to TEN4GOOD is pretty cool too!

Yes, however, our selection process is rigorous. We hold our plans to a very high standard and we turn away many more applications than we accept. If your plan is approved, well done!

No. There is no cost to submit an application and there are no costs associated with selling your plans on our platform.

Our licensing model makes it possible for you to earn a commission on every sale along with any recurring monthly or annual commissions for as long as the license remains active. This option is available for every plan and every 3-digit zip code prefix across the nation. Even if you only have one plan in our portfolio, the potential is limitless.

No. In order for our licensing model to work, you have to sell your plan on our website exclusively. The value is in the residual licensing model. The benefits of potentially limitless recurring income from our platform far outweigh the cost of forfeiting a few monthly sales elsewhere.

Yes, for promotional purposes only. All license transactions need to be run through our platform.

No problem. You can reserve as many zip codes as you prefer. Additionally, you can elect to have your contact information populate in place of the standard pricing options when your plan is searched for within one of your reserved zip codes. This way, an interested buyer will likely contact you to inquire about building that particular plan in your zip code. You just received a hot lead. You’re welcome!

The original plan designer retains the copyright, title, and ownership of the original documents as well as any derivative works that are a byproduct of custom modifications to the original plans. See here for additional copyright information.

You will be contacted as soon your application has been approved or denied. Please allow up to 30 days for processing.

We do not ever plan to offer more than 200 plans on our platform. This ensures that every plan receives the same level of visibility. If we are already at capacity and new plan has not sold within 12 months, we reserve the right to replace it with a newer product we deem more viable.

The sort function in our portfolio is randomized in order to keep every plan equally visible. We believe that a search hides potentially valuable product, so we designed a sort feature that allows the customer to organize all plans by square footage, # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, width, and depth. This way, your plan will never be hidden. Additionally, we maintain a small portfolio so every plan has the same level of visibility.

See here for our pricing model. This is standard across our entire platform.

You will earn a 50% commission on every sale. We take on the sales tax burden and credit card processing fees.

Yes, you earn a 50% commission on all recurring monthly or annual subscription payments.

You will receive commissions for all sales made in the month following the original purchase.

No. We field all questions from potential buyers. Our confidence in quality is tied to the original design, so our buyers hire out all modifications locally. If a buyer wants to modify the plan, they will purchase the CAD file.

See here for a list of what’s included in a typical plan set.

Go here to submit an application to have one of your plans reviewed.